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The Stained Glass Memorial Windows

YPBC has in the last fifty years been creating a collection of stained glass windows in the sanctuary that cover a wide range of biblical and secular themes, both historical and allegorical.

By the diversity of their themes the windows illustrate that valuable lessons may be learned from all of history and literature.

These windows have been donated in memoria and add significant beauty to God’s house in YPBC. This was accomplished under the guidance of Fredric R. Branscombe.

A new window was installed in the fall of 2019. The window over the main entry into the church was designated as the Creation Window because our story begins with creation. God created the world and gave us the breath of life. Further, as people pass beneath the window on their way back into the world it is to inspire them to be part of God’s new creation. It is the only window done in abstract design, in contrast to all the others that are designed in traditional forms. This completes the three large windows in the church.

Click image above to view an image gallery of our memorial windows. (35 images)

Stained Glass photography
by Henry Regehr.

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